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Helping students achieve reading fluency. Fast and effectively.


Grounded in research-based science of reading principles, Wordflow provides systematic and explicit phonics instruction and practice tailored to meet individual student’s specific needs.

Wordflow is designed to supplement any and all reading curricula, and also supports students in classrooms where reading is no longer taught, such as in upper grades.

Supporting teachers. So students can benefit the most from their valuable time.


Wordflow requires minimal teacher oversight and no special training.
It is exceptionally easy to use and integrate into the classroom.

Wordflow reinforces teachers’ instruction, delivers supplemental lessons, identifies individual student reading errors, and provides remediation until students have achieved mastery.

As an independent reading tool, Wordflow gives teachers the time and support they need to provide differentiated instruction to the wide range of student abilities within their classrooms.

About Wordflow


Built to identify and address the precise needs of each student, Wordflow constantly assesses the student’s mastery of reading rules—reinforcing instruction and practice in the specific areas that challenge them, until they have mastered them. 

Wordflow can function as a supplemental tool aligned with any reading curriculum’s phonics rules and lessons, or independently as a structured literacy-based reading practice tool. Piloting with students in RTI Tier 1, 2, and 3 has shown that Wordflow improves students’ ability to retain and apply their phonics rules and lessons. 


What Educators Say

“Practice that is specific to students’ own level of learning fills a huge gap”

— Teacher, Terry Redlin Elementary

“Love the extra practice/review Wordflow gives the students. Love that they can do this independently during their reading rotation in their classroom. “

— Teacher, RF Pettigrew Elementary

“I like the added practice it provides for decodable words. And that it is super easy to use.”

— Teacher, JFK Elementary

“The practice opportunities that matched the phonics specific to my teaching was a highly valuable resource. Spiraling sounds/words back in, that students had errors on, provided good immediate support.”

— Teacher, Cleveland Elementary